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AET Options GOING ALONE feature script from Diana T. Black
The Vietnam/U.S.-set environmental thriller pushes boundaries of Asian cinema beyond stereotypes

Los Angeles, CA - June 5, 2017: Asian Entertainment Television (AET) options Vietnam/U.S.-set feature script Going Alone from professional screenwriter Diana T. Black. Going Alone is the first feature film set up at Asian Entertainment Studios, a production arm of Asian Entertainment Television--the world’s first and only Asian-American streaming service. AET CEO, Sinakhone Keodara, is attached to produce this U.S.-Southeast Asia co-production environmental thriller about a biologist working with an almost impossible deadline and when he dies mysteriously, his estranged daughter must take over his work as an assassin closes in.

“We’re seeking financiers and co-producing partners based in Southeast Asia,” said Keodara. He adds, “Going Alone fits our slate of films with the mission of shifting perceptions. This film will be the first produced as part of our original programming to be streamed on our platform.” He concludes, “What’s unique about this story is that while it is based in Vietnam/U.S., all the characters speak English and are three-dimensional. It’s a step away from the well-worn path of Asian films focusing on martial arts and gangsters.”

Black, who penned this script as a passion project, adds, “This is a fictitious work – inspired by fact, and one that explores universal themes on two levels – the changing nature of relationships and expectations within families across the generational divide, and secondly, the dilemma facing every nation on the planet. By increasing resource use to serve growing populations, the natural environment is likely to suffer; possibly to the point of irrevocable destruction. Our reluctant heroine reiterates what her biologist father once said to her, “…what will the people have if the environment is ruined? They will have nothing.”

About Asian Entertainment Television

AET is the world’s FIRST and ONLY Asian American streaming service, which features uniquely curated Asian-American and Asian entertainment from around the world. AET offers a subscription service ($5.99/month) on the iOS platform to a library of web series, TV programs, movies and documentaries; for easy consumption at home or on-the-go. AET seeks to shift perceptions and build a market that capitalizes on the enormous, untapped and growing Asian market. The company also serves as a TV production company and film studio by producing content for original programming. For more information about AET, please visit





Sinakhone Keodara
Asian Entertainment Television
(323) 513-7654

AET Launches iOS Branded App Worldwide in Apple’s App Store
The world's FIRST and ONLY Asian American streaming platform gives Asian content a home

Los Angeles, CA - April 20, 2017: Asian Entertainment Television (AET) launches its first mobile video streaming app globally on iOS platform on April 15, 2017, officially giving Asian American content a distribution channel in the OTT space.

A five-star review of AET’s Branded App from a user who goes by RPMURA states, “This app is very easy to use. Easy to sign into for the first time. Videos are smooth. No buffering. They’ve got some really good content.” Sinakhone Keodara, AET CEO, adds, “We not only want to give our users a great experience by providing uniquely curated representAsian content that gives Asian Americans genuine representation, but we also aim to give Asian content—which, until now, is largely homeless—a home.” Keodara continues, “AET aims to make a dent in helping end the whitewashing and yellowfacing practices of Asian roles in Hollywood movies and TV shows.”

AET is currently running a promo where the first 100 users who subscribe with promo code "AET2017" get 33% off subscription price and only pay $4.01 for 6 months and enjoy the first 30-days for free. Users can search for “AET Network” inside Apple’s App Store and download the app onto their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Keodara wants the Asian American community to embrace and take ownership of AET. He discloses that AET is developing original content and are looking for content creators to submit original work. Keodara implores, “Help us build our own house for Asian Americans!” He continues, “We’re currently creating a writers’ room for our variety sketch comedy livestreaming show ‘RevelAsian Live,’ with an all-Asian cast. We need writers to submit writing samples!”

About Asian Entertainment Television

Asian Entertainment Television (AET) is the world’s premier Asian American streaming platform, which features uniquely curated Asian American and Asian entertainment from around the world. Created by Asian Americans, we offer a subscription service ($5.99/month) on iOS platform to a library of web series, TV, movies and documentaries for easy consumption at home or on-the-go. The company also serves as a production company by producing content for original programming. For more information about AET, please visit


Talk of Tinseltown:

We're stoked to get press coverage over at Director Justin Lin's blog YOMYOMF about our work. Thanks, Erin Chew and YOMYOMF, for getting the message out there on what's happening and coming down the pipe for AET.

SINAKHONE KEODARA Rolls Out AET: A Subscription Digital Platform Streaming On Demand Asian Entertainment



Our friend Monique Jones of covered the launch of our Branded App on iOS platform inside Apple's App Store and the addition of our InvAsian Talent Directory.


Check out this hard-hitting piece on the #whitewashing atrocities committed against Asians in Hollywood from the fabulous Monique Jones of We are so honored and humbled to be featured amongst these great and accomplished artists who've walked this treacherous path before us and been fighting in the trenches on the frontlines. These warriors are our Heroes. AET is grateful they led the way and blazed a trail for people like us to follow in their footsteps. #whitwashedOUT

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Our CEO Sinakhone Keodara just got an EXCLUSIVE coverage of AET with popular and influential Asian American entertainment blog apopolis, coutesy of critically-acclaimed and prolific film director Quentin Lee.






Introducing Asian American's first cross-over hip-hop artist, Lao America rapper Sonny Bonoho, who is working on shooting a music video for his latest single "Mood" from his next album titled “Young Asian Warlord God.”  The music video drops in about a month.  Sonny's last 3 music videos was under Russell Simmon's label All Def Digital.

Sonny is featured in rapper Bizarre (formerly of D12)'s latest music video titled "MuscleMan" that just dropped last week.  The multi-faceted Sonny Bonoho is also in Bizarre's new group Weirdo Movement. 

On the side, Sonny also directs top-notch music videos through his production company IFE+BONOHO.   Sonny is poised to be the next big thing and as someone to watch.

Asian American Press just dubbed us the Asian American Netflix + Spotify + iTunes. Check it out!


Our first press coverage from the AMAZING over at Thanks for the love Monique!!!

Asian Entertainment Television to bring the #RepresentAsian to streaming media


Our CEO Sinakhone Keodara got press coverage while competing in the Preproduction REELPITCH challenge of the Audience Awards for production funds for our short film Where Our Worlds Meet.

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