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Sinakhone Keodara / SAG Eligible


Sinakhone Keodara is an accomplished multi-lingual writer, director, producer and actor who was born in Laos and immigrated to the United States in 1986 as a refugee seeking political asylum. In 2006, Sinakhone moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. In August of 2016, he founded Asian Entertainment Television to improve Asian American representation in media and normalize Asian presence in Hollywood.

Sinakhone made his first national television appearance on hit television show "My Name is Earl" (2007), where he played a Transgender Hooker Prisoner of the 3rd Season's episode titled "Early Release.” Sinakhone’s first speaking role came in December of 2009 when played Tiffany--a Thai ladyboy hooker-turned-heroine--in Doug Archibald's UCLA thesis film NISA (2010). In July of 2010, Sinakhone did a scene with Colin Farrell as a featured background playing the role of Asian ladyboy masseuse on feature film HORRIBLE BOSSES (2011). Soon after, in August of 2010, Sinakhone channeled Andy Warhol's Latina drag Superstar, Mario Montez, a featured background in a recreation of New York City's 1970s drag Superstars Jackie Curtis and Candy Darling's hit theater show Vain Victory in HBO movie CINEMA VERITE (2011). 

In 2016, Sinakhone completed his second feature film script FROG EATS MOON that he started writing while attending the Austin Film Festival in November of 2015. In October of 2015, his short script WHERE OUR WORLDS MEET became a finalist at the Austin Film Festival’s Screenplay & Teleplay Competition. From December of 2014 to January of 2015, Sinakhone helped raised close to $77K through Indiegogo Campaign for award-winning feature film I LOVE YOU BOTH (2016) and got credited as Associate Producer. In 2014, he enrolled in an online professional screenwriting class titled the ProSeries with Hal Croasmun of, where he conceived the concept for and outlined of what developed into his latest feature script FROG EATS MOON. In 2013, he was invited to show the work-in-progress cut of his documentary ROSES & RED ANTS at the 4th International Lao Studies Conference sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Center for Lao Studies, where he participated in the first-ever Lao Filmmaker’s Panel that he helped organized. In 2012, while in school, Sinakhone completed his first feature screenplay LADY/BOY and started filming his feature documentary ROSES & RED ANTS. In 2011, Sinakhone went back to school to study Film Production at Santa Monica College until 2013.


My Acting/Directing Reel:

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