About Asian Entertainment Television

About AET's Formation

AET started with a dream. Founder and CEO Sinakhone Keodara came to Los Angeles in the pursuit of acting, but quickly discovered the barriers Asian American actors face in Hollywood. Asian American actors were frequently either typecasted into specific "Oriental-inspired" roles or were passed over despite talent and experience for actors of non-Asian backgrounds, even when the characters were originally meant to be Asian! He joined causes like #whitewhashedOUT to bring attention to the issue of misrepresentation and underrepresentation that has and continues to plague Hollywood.

AET marches to smash barriers and tear the Hollywood stereotypes that brand the Asian American community. AET will present a one-stop shop for consumers to witness the full breadth and depth that Asian American actors, filmmakers, and writers can and will portray. AET is a revolution, and we want you to help us lead the battalion.

About AET's Mission

AET seeks to shift perceptions to build a market that capitalizes the enormous and untapped growing Asian market by:

  • Becoming the premier Asian-American entertainment distribution service.
  • Producing original content and creating a market for Asian-American artists to find a global audience.
  • Licensing original Asian-American content from around the country.

AET’s goal is to provide a high quality streaming platform on which Asian American film makers, writers and actors can share their talent and artistry with the world. With the increasing pace of everyday life and interconnectedness of digital media, we want to provide consumers and creators with a convenient central resource for discovering, enjoying and spreading Asian-featuring media. We aim not to replace existing streaming services but rather supplement them with a greater focus on a specific social goal. We will know we have done our duty when having an actor, filmmaker or writer featured on a big budget Hollywood production be Asian will no longer be a call for attention.

About AET Founder and CEO

Sinakhone Keodara came to America as a refugee from Laos at the age of 12 in 1986. His family settled in Atlanta, Georgia. During this time, Asians were a vast majority compared to other ethnicities and being Lao made him a minority amongst other Asians. Sinakhone spent a majority of his adult life trying to help his Lao American community organize, and eventually volunteered his time to help Legacies of War advocate for UXO clearance in his homeland, which has now transformed into a desire to help the Asian American community as a whole.

Sinakhone moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue a lifelong dream of acting. Since moving to Los Angeles, Sinakhone has become an accomplished screenwriter, actor and filmmaker. Noticing the lack of representation of Asians in Hollywood, Sinakhone set out to make a change.

In 2016, Sinakhone founded Asian American Television (AET). His goal was to provide a platform to improve Asian American representation in the media and normalize Asian presence in Hollywood.

Sinakhone has been a crusader of social justice for decades. His passion for social justice has led to many battles in advocacy fights for the Asian American, Lao and LGBT community.  He has given of his time generously and consistently over the years to help organize, lead and build communities around issues he cares about.

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